final project

The final project for this class involves putting together a design packet and giving a presentation. The packet must be professional (don't just half-assedly staple them all together at the last minute) and should include the following:

  • A logo
  • The logo integrated onto a business card
  • The logo integrated onto letterhead
  • The logo integrated into either a billboard or print-advertisement (your choice)
  • A 2-3 page double-spaced cover letter describing the rhetorical choices you made on each document. See specifics below.

The logo must be created in Illustrator and can be for yourself or an actual or imagined business. You must have a clear sense of purpose in mind for the logo so that you can explain your rhetorical choices in the letter and presentation. For exmaple, if it's for you, then why would you want a logo in the first place? Will you use it when you do freelance work in the future? Will you use it when applying for jobs? If it's for an imagined business, what will this business sell? Who will their clientele be? Just keep in mind you will need a clear sense of purpose and audience so that you can describe your strategies in the letter.

Logo Mockups due 11/5 in class, writeup by 11/10 (see Entry 8)
You will need 2 mockups by 3:30 on this date. You will need to provide a writeup about them in your journal by 11/10. See Entry 8 for more information.

Business Card Mockups due 11/17 (see Entry 9 )
In your journal, paste 2 business card mockups (created in InDesign or Illustrator) and write about them. See Entry 9 for details on the writeup.

Draft of Billboard or Ad due 12/3 for peer review
Bring a draft (or drafts if you want to) of your billboard or ad for peer review.

Presentations due 12/8 and 12/10 in class
The presentation will take place during the final week of class. In a 5-8 minute presentation, you will show the class your packet and describe your rhetorical choices. See the bullet points from the letter requirements (below) in order to help frame the presentation. This presentations MUST BE professional. It needs an intro, body, and conclusion. Imagine you are a designer who is trying to sell us on your logo and its implementation--this will probably help you focus.

Final Packet due 12/10 in class
This includes the cover letter, logo, business card, letterhead, and billboard or advertisement. This packet must be presented professionally. After all, this is a design class. The 2-3 page double-spaced letter must be in business letter format and must include the following:

  • Explains the specific purpose of your designs. What kind of brand identity are you trying to create for yourself or the client?
  • Describes the audience for your design. What type of people do you imagine will interact with your design? Who are you trying to target as a primary audience?
  • Describes the strategies you used in order to convey that purpose to that audience. Consider ALL DESIGN TERMINOLOGY from class. White and Williams. If you do not use terms from class, you shall not pass.