There are three major projects (listed at Project 1-3 below). Along with these assignments, 15% of your final grade is based on blogging and another 15% on participation. Participation includes completing twitter assignments, attendence, in-class participation and attentiveness, turning assignments in on time (this includes twitter and blogging), avoiding extracurricular in-class technology use, and staying on top of readings.

PARTICIPATION (10%): Participation is based on your attendence (3 absences allowed), your level of attentiveness in and preparedness for class, your participation in class discussion (small group work in particular), and your respect for others. Additionally, it includes your use of Twitter (this took place early in the semester). The prompts for your tweets are listed on the schedule. Tweets are due by classtime and late tweets will be penalized. Remember to always use the hashtag #dtcp355.

BLOG + RESPONSES (15%): As part of English/DTC 355 you are required to keep a reading blog. The prompts are listed on the schedule as well as the blogs page. Blogs are due by classtime and late blogs will be penalized. You are also required to comment meaningfully on your peers' posts. A meaningful comment means adding to the blogger's post in a way whereby you don't simply agree or disagree, but instead offer ideas, thoughts, and ways of thinking further about the topic at hand.

Project 1 (10%)
Web Portal/Portfolio:This project requires you to design and build a web portal for our class assignments. It needs to include your name, a link to class projects and to your blog. The rest is up to you.

Project 2 (20%)
Multimodal Analysis Webtext: This project requires you to create a webtext (using the tools of your choice) that examines 4-6 multimodal texts from the current election cycle in order to explain how certain strategies are used to what ends.

Project 3 (30%)
Literacy Narrative: This project requires you to create a 2-3 minute video literacy narrative that explores/addresses your favorite communication mode.

Project 4 (15%)
Revised Web Portal/Portfolio:
This project involves a return to your web portal AND/OR a new site geared towards long-term portfolio use.