The schedule is subject to change given how the semester progresses. Please check regularly. You are responsible for staying on top of due dates.

schedulenote: we will meet in the classroom, UNLESS "due by classtime" column says AML 105. If it doesn't say AML, go to the classroom (though they're in the same building, so should be easy)

WEEK 1 In-Class Due by classtime
8/22 Course Overview
  • Get the textbook.
8/24 The Modes
  • Read Chapter 1 of Writer/Designer
  • Bring book to class
8/26 The Modes
  • Response #1 due by classtime in Blackboard. You can type it directly into Blackboard or upload a external document, your choice.
    • Part 1: Provide a brief introduction to yourself.  Include why you’re taking this course and what experience you have with multimedia authoring (NOTE: To do this, you’re going to also provide your definition of “multimedia authoring”)
    • Part 2: Respond to Process! Assignments on page 8 and 11.
  • Find 2 examples of texts that use all 5 modes.  Be prepared to share in class.
WEEK 2 In-Class Due
8/29 Rhetoric, an overview
  • Read Chapter 2 of Writer/Designer.
8/31 Rhetoric, University Websites
  • Response #2 due by classtime: Complete Process! Assignment on page 31. We will discuss your responses in class, so come with a full brain.
9/2 Rhetoric and Design Strategies: IN CLASS work on Purpose, Audience, and Context modules
  • Meet in AML 105 (Avery Hall) to complete the IX exercises (address given out in class)
  • Response #3 due by classtime:
WEEK 3 In-Class Due
9/5 No Class -- Labor Day No Class -- Labor Day
9/7 Rhetoric and Design Strategies
  • OPTIONAL work day in AML 101 to work on remainder of design tutorials. SEE BLACKBOARD RESPONSE #4 for instructions.
9/9 Rhetoric and Design Assign Project 1: Rhetorical Design
  • Meet back in classroom.
  • Have at least half of Response #4 done so you are ready to talk about design in class.
WEEK 4 In-Class Due
9/12 Design Concept Display work time
9/14 Design Concept Display Presentations
  • AML 105
  • Please come with a draft (messy and incomplete is fine) so we can workshop where you're at.
  • Time to work on Project 1: Rhetorical Design
9/16 Design Concept Display Presentations
  • Design for Project 1 due, presentations and discussion
WEEK 5 In-Class Due
9/19 Project 2. Genre Analysis
  • Design Justification for Project 1 due in Blackboard by classtime
  • Read Chapter 3 of Writer/Designer. Note that while this chapter presumes you are in the process of making a multimodal text, you are not in that boat. Instead, pay attention to the what, the how, and genre conventions
  • Discuss Project 2
9/21 Project 2: Rhetorical Analysis
  • Response #5: Respond to the Process! Assignment on page 48 of the book, but add this part to the prompt: Pick a text that is part of the genre you will use for Project 2. So if I were going to analyze bluegrass music videos, I would choose one bluegrass video to talk about.
9/23 Project 2: Genre Convention Table
  • MEET IN AML 105
  • Come to class with your genre texts ready to go so that you can use this time to create your table.
WEEK 6 In-Class Due

Project 2: Storyboards

in class: Ted Talks Parody

Another project example

Storyboard THIS


  • Part 1 of Project 2 due (Genre Convention Table)in Blackboard
  • Read Chapter 6 of Writer/Designer, paying particular attention to the section on storyboards
9/28 Project 2: Storyboards (imovie tutorial)
  • MEET IN AML 105
  • Come with ideas for your storyboard, we'll have structured time in class to work on them.
WEEK 7 In-Class Due
10/3 Project 2: Assets
  • BRING DRAFT of storyboard to class for peer review
10/5 Project 2: Assets
10/7 Project 2: Drafting
WEEK 8 In-Class Due
10/10 Project 2: Work time(talk about presentations)
  • AML 105
10/12 PRESENTATIONS Presentations (NOTE you will JUST be sharing your video and we will have a discussion about it)
  1. Jenna H.
  2. Josh A.
  3. Joshua M.
  4. Nicole
  5. Tou
10/14 PRESENTATIONS Presentations (NOTE you will JUST be sharing your video and we will have a discussion about it)
  1. Cesar
  2. Jack
  3. Justyce
  4. Jasmin
  5. Patricio
  6. Allyssa
  7. Allie
  8. Levi
  9. Cody
  10. Huizi
WEEK 9 In-Class Due
10/17 PRESENTATIONS Presentations (NOTE you will JUST be sharing your video and we will have a discussion about it)
  1. Brandon
  2. Sanaya
  3. Sean
  4. Tristan
  5. Adilene
  6. Michelle
  7. Jose
  8. Kristjon
  9. Erik
  10. Jenna N.
10/21 HTML/CSS Guest Lecture Read about Project 3 and look ahead to next week to see how you have to do the Code Academy Tutorial
WEEK 10 In-Class Due


10/26 HTML/CSS
  • Work on the HTML/CSS Tutorial (Response #6) at Code Academy. Complete Units 1-4 by next Monday.
10/28 HTML/CSS
  • AML 105
  • Work on the HTML/CSS Tutorial (Response #6) at Code Academy. Complete Units 1-4 by next Monday.
WEEK 11 In-Class Due
10/31 HTML/CSS
  • AML 105
  • RESPONSE #6 (Code Academy Tutorial) due by the end of classtime.
    • COMPLETE (through Unit 4, though you can do through 6 if you want to learn more) tutorial and upload a screenshot of the final page/badge earned to Blackboard.
      • screenshot on a mac: shift + command + 3 (it will save it on your desktop)
      • screenshot on a PC: usually a "printscreen" button
WEEK 12 In-Class Due
11/7 Project 4: Form Groups
  • Meet in classroom
  • Project 3 Due(by midnight tonight, see Blackboard for instructions on how to zip folder)
11/9 Project 4: Team Contract and Genre Analysis
11/11 Project 4: Genre Analysis
  • NO CLASS, VETERAN'S DAY (but make sure you submitted your group contract)
WEEK 13 In-Class Due
11/14 work time
11/16 work time
11/18 work time
WEEK 14 In-Class Due
11/28 Work Time
  • AML 105
  • work time
11/30 Usability Testing, Rough Draft Due
  • AML 105
  • ROUGHT DRAFT DUE. You need a website up w/ colors and branding scheme apparent. Content can be slim at this point. You also need some of your video footage so you can share with people the gist of what your video will be.
12/2 Work on final Draft and/or presentation
WEEK 15 In-Class Due.
12/5 work time
  • AML 105
  • Class Evaluations: PLEASE BE THERE
12/7 presentations
  1. Cesar, Cody, Jack, Nicole
  2. Jasmin, Tou, Jenna H, Adilene
  3. Justyce, Hui, Josh A., Patricio
12/9 presentations
  1. Jenna N., Erik, Tristan, Brandon
  2. Kristjon, Josh M, Jose, Sanaya
  3. Allie, Alyssa, Levi, Sean, Michelle


Link to final project (or .zip file of final project) must be uploaded to Blackboard by monday, December 12 @ 10am.