The schedule is subject to change given how the semester progresses. Please check regularly. You are responsible for staying on top of due dates.


WEEK 1 In-Class Due by classtime
1/13 Course Overview ---
1/15 Effective informational campaigns Come to class with an informational or advertising campaign (one that has an online presence) that you find persuasive in some capacity.
1/17 Meet in Avery 101 for lab introduction, blog creation, and technology survey
  • MEET IN Avery 101 (the Avery Microcomputing Lab, aka the AML)
WEEK 2 In-Class Due
1/20 No Class -- MLK Day No Class -- MLK Day
1/22 In-Class: Modes!
  • Email me your blog address. If you've never set up a blog, go to wordpress and follow the instructions (click the orange "get started" link)
  • Read Chapter 1 of Writer/Designer
  • Blog Post #1: Respond to Process! Assignment on page 8. Consider both the Twitter pages provided, as well as two more of your choosing.
1/24 Modes!
  • Come to class with two examples of texts that use all five modes. Be prepared to share.
WEEK 3 In-Class Due
1/27 HTML in-class tutorial

Meet in Avery 105 for HTML/CSS Tutorial

FIRST THING: Follow these instructions to mount the AML webserver

1/31 Meet in Avery 105 to finish tutorial and begin work on Project 1
  • Meet in Avery 105. Continue working on tutorial, due by Monday.
WEEK 4 In-Class Due
2/3 Optional Lab Time to work on Project 1
  • I will be in Avery 101. You are welcome to come to work on your website.
2/5 Design and Rhetoric
  • Read Chapter 2 of Writer/Designer
  • Blog Post #2: Post your web address for the HTML/CSS Tutorial we did in class last week. You do NOT need to email me if I already have your blog address.
2/7 Design and Rhetoric
  • Meet in Avery 105 to work on IX tutorials
  • BRING the Student Access Code from the back of Writer/Designer to class (or just bring your book)
WEEK 5 In-Class Due
2/10 Design Strategies & Rhetorical Analysis
  • Finish IX tutorials. Write all answers in a word document (instead of filling-in-the-blank). Name the word document "yourname.doc" and email it to me at
  • For those NOT IN CLASS Friday, click here for IX instructions.
2/12 Lab Time
  • Meet in Avery 105 to work on Project 1
  • Blog Post #3: Choose a multimodal text, anything from a poster to a website to an album cover to menu. Post an image or link to your text and perform a brief rhetorical analysis. Describe the text's author, purpose, audience, genre, and context, and explain how different design choices are used to meet the demands of the rhetorial situation.
2/14 Lab Time
WEEK 6 In-Class Due
2/17 NO CLASS - President's Day NO CLASS - President's Day
2/19 Lab Time
  • Meet in Avery 101 (10-11 section) or 105 (11-12 section) to put finishing touches on Project 1
2/21 Project 1 Show and Tell
  • Project 1 Due! Blog Post #4 should contain a link to your website as well as your design justification.
  • Meet in Avery 105 for Project 1 Show and Tell
WEEK 7 In-Class Due

Intro to Project 2

Talk about storyboards

  • Read Chapter 6 of Writer/Designer, paying particular attention to the Storyboard sections.

iMovie tutorial

Talk about project ideas and start on asset list.

  • Blog Post #5: Write a short proposal (1 paragraph) that describes what you intend to do for Project 2.
  • Read Chapter 4 of Writer/Designer. Start thinking about what assets you will need for your project.
  • (start on your storyboard, think about what assets you need. look ahead to next week as it's a busy week!)
WEEK 8 In-Class Due
3/3 storyboard peer review
  • Storyboard for video due for in-class peer review
  • Meet IN Wilson (normal classroom)
3/5 lab time for video work
  • MEET in AML for lab time
  • Blog Post #6: Part 1: Post your storyboard (take a pic or scan it) and explain what feedback, if any, you are taking from your storyboard peer review. Are you sticking with your original plan or making any modifications? Part 2: Create an Assets List. What assets (chapter 4 of w/d) do you need to make this storyboard a reality?
  • BRING your assets to class so you can start working on your video.
3/7 Project 2 peer review
  • MEET in AML
WEEK 9 In-Class Due
3/10 Presentations
  • Project 2 presentations
  • SECTION 1: Alex, Cailen, Kaelyn, Noelle, Joanne, Laurel
  • SECTION 4: Lexi, Michael, Nick, Samantha, Nikola, Ben, David
3/12 Presentations
  • Project 2 presentations
  • SECTION 1: Darcy, Megan T, Olivia, Alonso, Deanna, Megan P, Kristy, Abigail, Jason
  • SECTION 4: Ryan, Lauren, Braydon, April, Bryce, Hunter
3/14 Presentations
  • Project 2 presentations
  • Project 2 DUE, must be linked to blog by classtime (Blog Post #7: post link to video)
  • SECTION 1: Jamie, Chen, Lacey, Chung, Mallory, Anjie, Tana, DeAndre, Isaac, Megan P
  • SECTION 4: Josh, Leah, Rebecca, Jovan, Lateah, Kristen, Holly, Evan, Anina, Gabrielle
WEEK 10 In-Class Due
3/24 Off - Kristin @ Conference

Off - Kristin @ Conference. NO CLASS

  • By classtime (even though we won't have class), post Blog Post #8 which will list what you perceive to be your strengths for the final project. List, in order, your strengths in the following: web development (coding or Dreamweaver), graphic design (making logos, choosing colors), video, and writing/editing. Next to each item, briefly describe how good/bad you feel you are at the task. For example:
    • 1) Web Development: I really enjoyed coding and feel like I have a good handle on it
    • 2) Writing/Editing: I like to write and do well in my writing classes,I am also an editor for LandEscapes Literary Journal
    • 3) Video: I am ok with video, though can't do much more than a few simple things in iMovie
    • 4) Graphic Design: I really don't like graphic design at all.
3/26 Form Groups for Final Project
3/28 Work time for genre analysis
  • Work Time in lab for genre analysis
WEEK 11 In-Class Due
3/31 Work time for Genre Analysis
  • Work Time in lab for genre analysis
4/2 Sharing genre analyis and moving onto the pitch
4/4 Pitch Proposals
  • Work Time in lab for pitch proposal
WEEK 12 In-Class Due
4/7 Pitch Proposals in class
4/9 Group work and collaboration
  • Read Chapter 5, paying attention to pp 82-92
4/11 Work time
WEEK 13 In-Class Due
4/14 work time
  • Time to work on Mockups and Storyboards and/or rough draft (NOTE rough draft due a week from today!)
4/16 work time
4/18 Usability Testing, best practices
  • Meet in AML 105
  • Read Chapter 7: Drafting and Revising Your Project from Writer/Designer
WEEK 14 In-Class Due
4/21 Usability Testing/Providing Feedback
  • Meet in AML 105
4/23 Lab Time
4/25 Lab Time
  • Meet in AML 105
WEEK 15 In-Class Due
4/28 Final Project Presentations
  • SECTION 1: [#1: Noelle, Deanna, Cailen, Megan T] and [#2: Anjie, Alex, Jamie!, Abi]
  • SECTION 4: [#1: Jovan, Rebecca, Holly, Michael] and [#2: Gabi, Nicola, Lauren, Kristen]
4/30 Final Project Presentations
  • SECTION 1: [#3: Olivia, Chung, Isaac, Joanne] and [#4: Mallory, Lacey, Lauren, Chen]
  • SECTION 4: [#3: Nick, Leah, Ben, Bryce] and [#4: Ainslie, April, David, Christine]
5/2 Final Project Presentations
  • SECTION 1: [#5: Tana, Alonso, Megan P, Jason] and [#6: Kaelyn, Darcy, Dre, Kristy]
  • SECTION 4: [#5: Lexi, Ryan, Lateah, Anina, Evan] and [#6: Braydon, Hunter, Samantha, Josh]