Major Projects:

  • Project 1: Unit 1 Exam (15%)
    • This will be an in-class short essay exam based on the materials from Unit 1. The exam will be on 2/2 and we will have an in-class review on 1/31.

  • Project 2: Group Projects on (sl)Ac(k)tivism (10%)
    • You will be assigned a group and a topic. Your group will present on 2/28 or 3/1 about the best practices for social media use by activist groups.

  • Project 3: Blog Post #3 Report on Business Best Practices (10%)
  • Draft due March 20 (print out, bring to class), Final due March 22 (on blog)
    • After following a business on Twitter (and any other SNS they might use) this blog post is a way to summarize your findings in light of the material we've read and discussed thus far. This post must do the following:
      1. Provide a useful summary that clearly describes how your business uses SNS
      2. Describe in detail what kind of persona this business represents through SNS as well as how they seem to undertand their audience (see Marwick and boyd from week 9)
      3. Evaluates how successful you feel this business is in using SNS
      4. Uses sources from class to support your summary and evaluation (PLEASE don't just refer to unit 1 readings, but also the readings from Unit 1).

      The post should be roughly 1200-1500 words in length (the equivalent of 3-5 pages, double spaced) and must include citations.

  • Project 4: Unit 3 Exam or Remix Project (25%): You can choose either a final exam or a final project. If you chose the final project, I need to know in class on April 17th.
    • The final exam will be very similar to the midterm and will include information from the entire semester.
    • The final project is a creative piece that engages with one of the issues raised in Unit 3. Essentially, think of it as an essay of sorts that either makes an argument for (or against) something OR that explores an issue in a bit more depth. That is, imagine either an argumentative essay or a research paper BUT instead of writing a paper, you will put this into some type of creative piece, be it a video, remix of some sort, musical piece, sculpture, etc. The final project must include the following pieces:
      • 1) the project itself (10%, grade based on effort and creativity)
      • 2) a justification paper (no page limit) that explains what you did and why you did it. You MUST explain how the project connects up to the issues raised throughout the semester and you MUST cite and/or refer to authors and readings. (10%, grade based on breadth and integration of references AND degree to which you use references from class to justify your own work.)
      • 3) a presentation of your project on 4/24. Time limit pending number of presenters. This presentation must cover the same issues as the justification paper. No references? No points. (5%, grade based on polish of performance as well as degree to which you use references from class to justify your own work)

Other work:

  • BLOG (also posted on schedule). This MAY change, stay tuned.
    • Post 1 (1/31) (5%): Given the readings you've done so far this semester, what are the most important takeaways? Describe any terms, concepts, issues, or questions you feel are crucial to these first three weeks. Also consider what ideas you will want to carry forward throughout the semester and/or your career.
    • Post 2 (2/16) (2.5%): Summarize what you've started to notice about your organization's use of social media. Describe whether, after starting to explore this topic, you tend to agree with Gladwell or Mirani. Does online activism matter?
    • Post 3 (is Project 3, thus 10%): see above Project 3.
    • Post 4 (3/29) (2.5%): Write a post that describes the key points of this week's readings (in your opinion). Conclude by giving your own take on privacy, and make sure to refer to the readings.
    • Post 5 (4/5) (5%): Visit and dig around. Eventually choose one song and describe either how it's been used AS a sample in music, or choose a song and desribe what songs it samples. Using this song/songs as example(s), describe whether or not you see this use of sampling as innovative. Is it creative? Do you think it's stealing? Why or why not? Make sure to cite the readings from Tuesday in your description of how you understand originality and authorship to function.
    • Post 6 (4/19) (5%): Given the readings you've done so far this semester, what are the most important takeaways? List and describe any terms, concepts, issues, or questions you feel are crucial to the entire semester (focusing a bit more on the info post-exam1 in that your post #1 includes the first few weeks). This post should be in the ballpark of 600-800 words.

  • TWITTER (10%). This class requires you to have and maintain an active Twitter stream for #dtcp356. At times I will ask you tweet responses to specific questions, but for the most part this task is up to you. Post interesting links, talk to each other about class topics, summarize readings, do what you can to learn your own best practices for engaging with Twitter for a professional purpose. I will grade you based on quality and quantity over the course of the semester. You will receive a midterm evaluation of your tweets.

  • Participation (10%). The short version: don't be an asshole. The official version: Participation is based on your attendence, your level of attentiveness in and preparedness for class, your participation in class discussion, and your respect for others.