The schedule is subject to change given how the semester progresses. Please check regularly. You are responsible for staying on top of due dates.

schedulenote: we will meet in the classroom, UNLESS "due by classtime" column says AML 105. If it doesn't say AML, go to the classroom. If it does say AML go to Avery 105.

WEEK 1: Introduction + Theoretical Frameworks In-Class Due by classtime
1/9 syllabus + intros  
1/11 discussion of definitions
  • Read NCTE Position Statement “Definition of 21st Century Literacies
  • Review Stuart Selber’s categorization of Multiliteracies
  • Come to class prepared to discuss the following: How do you consider yourself multi-literate? How does technology shape your conceptions of literacy within and outside of the academy? Be ready to refer to both Selber’s understanding of the term as well as the NCTE position statement.
1/13 Discuss Project 1
Tease out terms and defintions
WEEK 2: Applying Ideas In-Class Due
1/16 No Class -- MLK Day No Class -- MLK Day
1/18 SNOW (ok, ice) DAY
  • Response #1: This week has introduced several readings that have grappled with conceptions of literacy, technology, and categorizations of what constitutes particular proficiencies with such technology. As you think back on the week, which readings resonated with you and your understanding of digital literacy? Why? Are there any readings that you disagree with? Why? Try to come up with a rough draft definition of what you believe defines the phrase “digital literacy” for you.
1/20 Timelines and narrative structures(platforms discussed)
WEEK 3: Composing Literacy Narratives In-Class Due
1/23 Annotating and Citing Sources
  • MEET IN AML (Avery 105)
  • Response #2 (due by classtime in Blackboard): What platform are you using for your multimodal literacy narrative and why? List the presentation components of your chosen medium and discuss why you believe this tool will be effective for your project. Please refer to THIS ARTICLE in terms of how your platform meets usability standards. See platform possiblites below:
  • Take 2 of the events from your timeline (from Friday's class) and linke them together in your chosen platform. Be prepared in share in class. THIS CAN BE MESSY, it's just a start, that's ok.
  • Read Troy Hicks and Kristen Hawley Turner’s “No Longer a Luxury: Digital Literacy Can’t Wait”
1/25 AML Day
  • MEET IN AML (Avery 105)
  • READ "Designing Your Citations" by Arola, Ball, and Sheppard.
  • AML DAY to work on annotation requirements (Part 2) of Project 1. 100 words per source
    • How does this source fit within your narrative during the particular time that you’re choosing to include it?
    • How has the modality been considered in reference to the story? In other words, if you are choosing an auditory source, why?
    • Was this a source you were familiar with previously?
1/27 AML Day
  • MEET IN AML (Avery 105)
  • AML Day to work on Project 1 (part 1 and/or 2)
WEEK 4: Critiques In-Class Due
1/30 Peer review
  • MEET IN AML (Avery 105)
  • First Draft of Project 1 (Part 1) due for group critique
2/1 Annotation Critique
2/3 AML Day
WEEK 5: Project 1 Finale In-Class Due
2/6 Project 1 Small Group Presentations
2/8 Project 1 recap, watch TEDx talk
2/10 Blackboard Day
  • NO (face-to-face) CLASS. Finish response by end of classtime.
  • Response 3: After working on Project 1 and seeing other people's projects, describe how you are now defining "digital literacy." Has your definition changed at all since the beginning of the semester? Why do you think it has or hasn't changed? If you were to educate someone to "be digitally literate" what exactly would you include and why?
WEEK 6 In-Class Due
2/13 Fake News
2/15 Propaganda
2/17 Designing Media
  • Response 4: USING THE READINGS define how you currently understand the terms "media literacy" and "propaganda". When you encounter a news source, when (if ever) do you consider it propaganda? Why do you think that is?
WEEK 7 In-Class Due
2/22 Critique Day
2/24 Exploration of Topic + Story Map Examples
WEEK 8 In-Class Due
2/27 Exploration of Topic/Come up with Rubric for project exploration
  • MEET IN AML (Avery 105)
  • Keep working on exploration of topic (for Part 2)
3/1 Critique Day
3/3 Platforms. Form. Content
  • Progress Notes Critique Due (Part 2A)
WEEK 9 In-Class Due


  • MEET IN AML (Avery 105) to work on draft that is due on 3/8
  • Sign up for presentaitons
3/8 Draft Due
3/10 optional work day
WEEK 10 In-Class Due
3/20 Presentations (no class due to a bunch of things... see your email send the morning of 3/20)
3/22 Presentations Project 2 Presentations
  • Anna
  • Huizi
  • Hak
  • Justin
  • Maricella
  • Gillian
3/24 Presentations Project 2 Presentations
  • Rocky
  • Cody
  • Nikki
  • Cesar
  • Breanna
  • Aaron
WEEK 11 In-Class Due
3/27   Project 2 Presentations
  • Nikki
  • Robert
  • Gillian
  • Annie
  • Cass
  • Jared
  • day off: Kristin attempts to get healthy. You promise to stay healthy, and do the home work for MONDAY!!
WEEK 12 In-Class Due
4/3 Project 3: communities of practice (click for slidest)
  • Discuss Project 3
  • Read Communities of Practice: A Brief Introduction by Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner.
  • Come to class with at least ONE example of a community of a practice of which you are a part (we will go around the room and report, so you've gotta have something)
4/5 Access and Communities of Practice (click for slides)
4/7 Research methods for exploring communities of practice
  • Email me BY CLASSTIME with either 1) the group you've formed (just 1 email per group is fine, just list all members) OR 2) let me know if you want to be put into a group. REMINDER, groups of 3-4.
  • Skype visit from Allegra Smith (take a look at some of her work and interests before class)
  • Watch this short trailer before class: Cyber-Seniors Documentary
WEEK 13 In-Class Due
4/10 An example of a community of practice
  • Meet in Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, 4th floor of Holland Library (go into front door of library, head left, go down the hallway and take elevator up to 4th floor)
  • Familarize yourself with Mukurtu (READ THIS LINK) before class
4/12 Final project proposal
4/14 work day
  • work day in AML
WEEK 14 In-Class Due
  • Progress Reports IN BUNDY READING ROOM of Avery Hall (instead of going into the Avery doors towards the AML, go into the doors behind you)
WEEK 15 In-Class Due.
  • Work Day in AML
  1. Justin, Cody, Annie
  2. Robert, Gillian, Michelle, Cass
  3. Hui, Nikki, Cesar
  1. Rocky, Jon, Jared, Dimitri
  2. Aaron, Rachael, Hak
  3. Sean, Anna, Maricela, Breanne
final project due may 3 by noon