This schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for the most up-to-date info.

wk1 in-class due
8/25 intro ---
8/7 so how does this internet thing work? --read "How Internet Infrastructure Works"
--look ahead to purchasing web hosting
wk2 in-class due
9/1 building blocks ---read Intro, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Castro
---Purchase web hosting service by classtime
9/3 Photoshop for Web  
wk3 in-class due
9/8 Photoshop for Web ---read Chapter 5 of Castro
9/12 (X)HTML/CSS demo
critiquing designs
---read Chapter 3, 4, and 6
---bring Photoshop mockup of Project 1
wk4 in-class due
9/15 XHTML and CSS module ---read Chapter 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Castro
MEET IN AML, Avery 103
9/17 XHTML and CSS module ---read Chapter 11, 12, and 16 of Castro
MEET IN AML, Avery 105
wk5 in-class due
9/22 peer review ---draft of Project 1 due
MEET IN AML, Avery 103
9/24 lab time ---lab time
MEET IN AML, Avery 105
wk6 in-class due
9/29 tempates, why? ---Project 1 due (email me your web address BY classtime)
10/1 Universal Usability --Read Chapter 2 of Web Style Guide
wk7 in-class due
10/6 Information Architecture ---Read Chapter 3 of Web Style Guide
10/8 lab time to work on Project 2 ---work on Project 2
wk8 in-class due
10/13 Interface Design ---Read Chapter 4 of Web Style Guide
10/15 lab time to work on Project 2 ---work on Project 2
wk9 in-class due
10/20 set up Project 3
Visit from Client and CCE
---Project 2 due
10/22 the Process and in-Class Work on mockups --meet in AML 105
--Read Chapter 1 of Web Style Guide
wk10 in-class due
10/27 Present Mockups --Project 3 mockups due
10/29 labtime --meet in AML 105
--READ Chapter 6 & 7 of Web Style Guide
wk11 in-class due
11/3 Back in classroom ---Read and review Chapter 6, 7, 8, and 9 of Web Style Guide
11/5 labtime --meet in AML 105
wk12 in-class due
11/10 labtime --meet in AML 105
11/12 peer review Project 3 peer review
wk13 in-class due
11/17 labtime and instruction writing --meet in AML 105
11/19 Project 3 due and presentations Project 3 due and Presentations
wk14 in-class due

retool: what makes a good portfolio?


-Creating a successful online portfolio
-10 reasons why your online portfolio sucks
--Meet in AML 105

12/3 lab time to work on portfolio
-Meet in AML 105
lab time to work on portfolio
-Meet in AML 105
wk15 in-class due
12/8 presentations presentations by Annie, Nathalie, Kris, Katy, Jill, and Marisa
12/10 presentations presentations by Megan, Jenn, Shawn, Nichole, Hiroko, Kari, and Kerry

email me link to portfolio by noon, Friday 12/11/09