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This seminar offers graduate students a theoretical and pedagogical foundation for teaching introductory courses in technical and professional communication. As such, it is a survey of current scholarship concerning objectives and methods of instruction in technical and professional communication that takes a rhetorical view of theory within the field. The seminar aims to not only investigate the historical and theoretical bases for production of writing in scientific and technical industries, but also to familiarize students with models of inquiry in the field, emphasizing the connections between theory and pedagogy in technical and professional communication.

This course also serves as a credentialing mechanism for graduate students who wish to teach Engl 402 or Engl 403 by providing the necessary pedagogical training in and scholarly context for professional communication.

Learning Outcomes
by the end of the semester you should:

required materials

Attendence: This is a graduate class, thus your attendence is expected. But...for the record: I will forgive one missed class (note we already have 2 weeks off), but beyond that your participation grade will suffer. Additionally, please, if you're sick, do us a favor and stay home.

Late Work: Acceptance of late work is unusual and must be discussed in conference with the teacher. Late work will receive a lowered grade if turned in within one week of the original due date. Work turned in later than one week past the original due date will be given an automatic grade of F.

Evaluation: For more information on the assignments themselves, percentages, and evaluation criteria, visit the tasks page. The grading scale is 100-93 A ||| 90-92 A- ||| 88-89 B+ ||| 83-87 B ||| 80-82 B- and so on.

Students with Disabilities:Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please either visit or call the Access Center (Washington Building 217; 509-335-3417) to schedule an appointment with an Access Advisor. All accommodations MUST be approved through the Access Center.

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