Blogs (aka "fancy reading journals")

I am asking everyone in class to keep a blog and at the bare minimum to post when prompted (see schedule). These posts can vary in length, but do work to answer the prompt fully. Also try to provide direct citations from the readings so that you end up with a nice set of reading notes from the class. I do find that posts less than 300 words tend to be too brief, but you're welcome to prove me wrong! Intelligence doesn't have a word count. Additionally, if you'd rather do video blogs you are more than welcome to do so.

Notice that I'm putting you into two groups (A & B) for this course. Because we meet twice a week, I will sometimes ask one group to post and the other one to respond or just take a breather. You are welcome to post for every reading if you like, but this is by no means required.

I am linking to your blogs here, but if you would prefer the link to be private please let me know and we will just circulate it in the class and/or I'll password protect this page.

Group A Group B
Aminah Jenna
Kerry Ti
Lori Beth Jen
Elizabeth Amy
Jacob Adam
Matt Lindsay