double wall basket in progress Below is an archive of my syllabi, starting with a section for current courses at Michigan State University. Feel free to borrow as you see fit.

Michigan State University

WRA 260 | Rhetoric, Persuasion, and Culture

WRA 891 | Special Topics in Writing: (American Indian) Rhetorics



English/DTC 336: Composition and Design

English/DTC 355: Multimedia Authoring, Exploring the New Rhetorics

English/DTC 356: Electronic Research and the Rhetoric of Information

English 360: Principles of Rhetoric

English 402: Technical and Professional Writing

DTC/English 476: Digital Literacies

English/DTC 477: Advanced Multimedia Authoring

English 534: Theories and Methods of the Teaching of Technical and Professional Writing

English 591: Topics in Teaching

English 597: Topics in Composition and Rhetoric