double wall basket in progress At Washington State University, I teach undergraduate courses in DTC and our Rhetoric and Professional Writing program, and teach and mentor graduate students in our Rhetoric and Composition MA and PhD programs (all of which are housed in the Department of English). Here are a number of syllabi from courses I have taught during my time at WSU. Feel free to borrow as you see fit.

English/DTC 336: Composition and Design

English/DTC 355: Multimedia Authoring, Exploring the New Rhetorics

English/DTC 356: Electronic Research and the Rhetoric of Information

English 360: Principles of Rhetoric

English 402: Technical and Professional Writing

DTC/English 476: Digital Literacies

English/DTC 477: Advanced Multimedia Authoring

English 534: Theories and Methods of the Teaching of Technical and Professional Writing

English 591: Topics in Teaching

English 597: Topics in Composition and Rhetoric